The Workout Bundle

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Our three favorite workout items together for a limited time only!

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Workout Advantage

Workout Advantage is perfect for those who need to add an extra boost to their workout regime. Using adaptogen herbs; which were traditionally used to increase stamina, this stimulating blend has been developed to condition the body and neutralize free radicals, oxygenate the body, and promote circulation to not only improve your endurance but help your body recover quicker.



Stamina & Strength

Our Stamina & Strength blend can be taken before or after workouts to give you a burst of superfood protein with Maca, Spirulina, and Ginger.

This dynamic blend works by taking Maca Powder (or Peruvian Ginseng), which was traditionally taken by Inca Warriors before battle to improve strength and stamina, mix it with high levels of absorbable protein from Spirulina which will help fuel your muscles during training and promote quick, natural growth; and then, add a hint of ginger to reduce inflammation, help your body recover quicker, and reduce muscle pain.

Our workout blend is also filled with high amounts of vitamins and minerals which can enhance your mood, immune system, control your weight, and even increase sex drive! Simply add to water, smoothies, salads, and just about anything you can think of! Take 2 teaspoons daily as a booster and 1 teaspoons daily for maintenance.

Recommended Use: This Superfood Workout powder can be added to water, smoothies, salads, and just about anything you can think of! Take two (2) teaspoon daily as a booster and one (1) teaspoon daily for maintenance. We recommend drinking your Stamina & Strength Powder 30 minutes before workouts to let it fully adsorb into your system.


The TEAME + PUREBLENDS BOTTLE (55oml / 19oz)

Functional. Fashionable. Responsible.

Our TEAME + PUREBLENDS Bottle is made from high quality, BPA Free, heat resistant Borosilicate glass – which means no harmful chemicals or toxins and a durable design for long lasting, environmentally friendly hydration.

The top and bottom of the bottle are made from premium quality stainless steel. The top has a convenient travel strap allowing you to take your new bottle anywhere you please! The bottom is fitted with a wonderful wide mouth opening and houses a tea infuser that you can use to infuse fruit, herbs, or tea. The top, bottom, and infuser are all removable which makes clean up a breeze. At each opening, the bottle is also fitted with a food grade silicone seal making it 100% leak proof.

This bottle also comes with a removable nylon cozy that can be worn to protect your hands and keep your tasty beverages at optimal temperature when storing hot or cold liquids!

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