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The Detox Bundle

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Detox Bundle

Our signature TEA ME TINY Detox + Convenient Travel Bottle


1 x TEA ME TINY Detox (60g)

1 x Borosilicate Glass Bottle with Infuser (16oz)

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TEA ME TINY Detox (60g)

Our TEA ME TINY Detox Tea blend helps cleanse you from the inside out. It aids in digestions, purifies the blood, increases metabolism and overall energy, suppresses appetite, promotes weight loss, and overall wellness of the body.

Borosilicate Glass Bottle with Infuser

Our TEAME + PUREBLENDS Bottle is made from high quality, BPA Free, heat resistant Borosilicate glass – which means no harmful chemicals or toxins and a durable design for long lasting, environmentally friendly hydration.

The top and bottom of the bottle are made from premium quality stainless steel. The top has a convenient travel strap allowing you to take your new bottle anywhere you please! The bottom is fitted with a wonderful wide mouth opening and houses a tea infuser that you can use to infuse fruit, herbs, or tea. The top, bottom, and infuser are all removable which makes clean up a breeze. At each opening, the bottle is also fitted with a food grade silicone seal making it 100% leak proof.

This bottle also comes with a removable nylon cozy that can be worn to protect your hands and keep your tasty beverages at optimal temperature when storing hot or cold liquids![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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