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Cold & Flu Bundle

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Cold & Flu Bundle

Our three favorite immune boosting products together for a limited time only!


1 x TEA ME Breathe Ease (85g)

1 x TEA ME Immune Support (85g)

1 x TEA ME Throat Coat (85g)

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Breath easy with this warming blend designed to open your airways and calm your mind. Hand crafted with roots and spices, Breathe Ease has a complex spicy yet sweet flavor that will relieve congestion and heaviness often associated with cold and flu season. Use it as needed or steep daily to calm and relax your respiratory tract.


A warming blend that no sore, scratchy, or dry throat can stand up against! Our Throat Tea’s combination of wonderful healing herbs and spices will sooth your sore throat and have you on the road to recovery in no time.


A calming and soothing blend that will help your body naturally strengthen and support your immune system. Take it before a cold or during cold seasons to help naturally defend your bodies resistance year round.


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