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TEA ME started off as TEA ME TINY, a well-known, best selling detox tea that aided in weight loss, digestion, metabolism, and so much more. We have helped thousands of customers reach their health and fitness goals through TEA ME TINY and with the success of our product we decided to take on the challenge of hand crafting a wide variety of wellness teas to help with many more ailments individuals suffer from in their day to day life. With that, TEA ME was born.

There is no greater gift in the world than the gift of health. Our belief is that many conditions can be properly corrected through homeopathic and herbal remedies. Plants have been the basis for medical practices for most of human history before pharmaceutical medicine came into play. It was, for a while, a lost art that we hope to bring back into people’s lives to heal and help them overcome any conditions in which they may suffer from.

At TEA ME we pride ourselves in providing the finest hand crafted herbal tea blends from around the world. Our beautiful blends are primarily used to bring a sense of well-being and are combined for a wide variety of ailments individuals may suffer from in a day to day life such as sleep, anxiety, weight loss, stress and so much more. Our customers are always our number one priority, and with that, it is our commitment to them to only ever use the utmost premium herbs for our blends.

TEA ME Teas are always hand crafted from Certified Organic or Wild Crafted herbs and botanicals. “Organic” isn’t just a catchphrase or a term we use lightly. We are proud of our organic commitment to using only 100% certified organic ingredients whenever possible and that no conventional grown herb will find its way into our teas. It’s a lifestyle for us and guides how we do business.

The sustainability of the land used to cultivate our herbs is also greatly important to us at TEA ME. We work with others to carefully preserve and protect the conservation of our world and the vital ecosystems that encompass them; and hopefully, in turn, leave a better world for the future generations to come.

Unlike other companies that will sell a mix of both commercially produced herbs and organic; we promise to stay true to our organic and sustainable ideologies regardless of price or profit. To us, beautiful organic or wild crafted products, the ecosystem where these wonderful herbs thrive, the sustainability of the land, and the personnel who hand pick our herbs are more important to us than creating a substandard product.

We know that there are hundreds of choices when it comes to teas on the market today. So many, that it can be hard to make a choice and to know which tea is best suited towards your needs, what the company stands for, and what ingredients you are ultimately putting in your body.

Here at TEA ME, we don’t want you to be left with any questions on our product standards, quality of herbs, or our principles towards your health. On our Ingredients Tab we have all the information you should need in knowing exactly how our premium blends are produced from land to you.

Currently TEA ME Blends are only available exclusively online. If you are interested in wholesale information please visit our Contact Page.

We are committed to the consistency and quality of our teas. Whether you purchase your tea during Winter or Summer, we guarantee that it always be the same great taste and freshness that you expect.

Generally around 18 months. Teas with organic flavors or essences added may have their flavor diminish over time, but do not expire. Our TEA ME Tin is specifically designed to keep and store your favorite tea flavors and keep them fresh as long as possible.

Steep times and temperatures can be found on any product page – specifically for that tea!

Many teas can and should be re-steeped. In many cases, the flavor profile will be unique with each steeping. You should also only re-steep within the first couple of hours of the first infusion.

Unfortunately ourselves and our suppliers are not currently certified allergen-free facilities.

We both do take every precaution to avoid any cross contamination whenever and wherever possible. For instance, in the case of herbs that may contain or be in contact with allergens, we store and process those herbs in separate areas from other materials, and use dedicated utensils and other equipment specifically for these products.

However, we cannot confirm that any product has not come into contact with another allergen from outside or inside our facility – including other herbs, berries, dairy products, nuts, or gluten.

Depending on your sensitivity (or the sensitivity of your family members) our methods may or may not be adequate for your needs.

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To return an item, you must get a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA) from us. To request an RMA, please follow this procedure:

Forward us a copy of your e-mail receipt. Please change the “Subject” field to “PRODUCT RETURN”. Tell us why you are in need of a return. We will provide you with an RMA number. Please include this number clearly visible on your shipment packaging. Ship your package back to us at the following address:

ATTN: TEA ME Returns
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We’re sorry!

We will gladly send out a replacement of the original item(s) purchased, at no cost, as long as the merchandise is available and is arrived back to us in it’s original packaging. If the merchandise is not available, you will receive a refund to the original form of payment used to make your online purchase.

We will refund the return shipping if a copy of the shipping receipt is placed within return package. We recommend using a carrier service that provides tracking/insurance as TEA ME will not be responsible or liable for any lost or misplaced packages. Please note only standard carrier services will be refunded.

Please let us know as soon as possible as we only offer a refund on your purchase if it has not been shipped yet. There will be a 15% deduction taken off your initial receipt as a restocking fee.

All of our tea accessories have a 14 day warranty from delivery date. This does not include edible items or abuse of accessories products. Picture / Video proof will be required for warranty.


We accept the following forms of payment:

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  • TEA ME Coupons and Gift Certificates.

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