Natural Defense.

At TEA ME we pride ourselves in providing the finest hand crafted herbal tea blends from around the world. Our beautiful blends are primarily used to bring a sense of wellbeing and are combined for a wide variety of ailments individuals may suffer from in a day to day life such as sleep, anxiety, weight loss, stress and so much more. Our customers are always our number one priority, and with that, it is our commitment to them to only ever use the utmost premium herbs for our blends.

our manifesto.

pure powerful ingredients

TEA ME Teas are always hand crafted from Certified Organic or Wild Crafted herbs and botanicals. “Organic” isn’t just a catchphrase or a term we use lightly. We are proud of our organic commitment to using only 100% certified organic ingredients whenever possible and that no conventional grown herb will find its way into our teas. It’s a lifestyle for us and guides how we do business.

supporting the planet

The sustainability of the land used to cultivate our herbs is also greatly important to us at TEA ME. We work with others to carefully preserve and protect the conservation of our world and the vital ecosystems that encompass them; and hopefully, in turn, leave a better world for the future generations to come.

staying true to what we know

Unlike other companies that will sell a mix of both commercially produced herbs and organic; we promise to stay true to our organic and sustainable ideologies regardless of price or profit. To us, beautiful organic or wild crafted products, the ecosystem where these wonderful herbs thrive, the sustainability of the land, and the personnel who hand pick our herbs are more important to us than creating a substandard product.

unsurpassed quality.

environmental factors

Before purchasing herbs, our suppliers examine the potential social and environmental impacts of growing, gathering, and drying herbs. This applies to all goods harvested and produced overseas, as well as right here in Canada and the United States.

laboratory analysis

Before purchasing herbs, our suppliers examine the potential social and environmental impacts of growing, gathering, and drying herbs. This applies to all goods harvested and produced overseas, as well as right here in Canada and the United States.

unsurpassed quality

When the herbs arrives at their facility, they are instantly quarantined for Quality Control assessment. At this point, a qualified Quality Control member will extract samples for immediate testing in our laboratory. Once the herbs have passed all laboratory exams they are shipped to us and packaged to be sent to you.

fair compensation, equal voice

Our suppliers enforce a firm policy that promises workers a just market value for the herbs they supply. Any company that does not compensate workers with a fair wage, equal voice, or is believed to be compromising the ecosystem have been discounted or refusal to carry their products.

wild take audit

The first choice when obtaining herbs is certified organic. If organic isn’t available, our suppliers will choose for wild harvested or “cultivated without chemicals” option instead. If wild gathered material is collected, each worker must complete a “wild take audit” to ensure that our treasurable plant populations have only undergone a sustainable 10% take.

preserving all the goodness

We use a state-of-the-art Freeze-Drying System as well as Traditional processes, such a Air – Drying, to preserve all our scrumptious, organic goodies! You will never find any ingredients treated with Chemicals or Heat.

no nasties.

Unfortunately, using toxins and poisons are just one negative practice among many. Conventional farms regularly use genetically modified seeds that are engineered to be pest resistant and are easily grown in poor soil. Genetic engineering is still an experimental practice, so we still don’t even know the full impact of growing these plants, but the rise of new “superweeds,” more resilient pests, and harmful diseases have been reported. There are other fears that GMO crops can harm non-target animal species such as insects, birds, bats, and animals that forage from these conventional farms.

As panic continues to grow over the long-term health effects of GMOs, more and more consumers fight for their right to know what’s in their food. Without comprehensive testing, the safety of genetically modified food is uncomfortably questionable. The partial safety tests that are currently in place are often conducted by the very same companies and corporations that use GMO ingredients. This reason alone demonstrates the importance and social responsibility of companies practicing transparency to their customers.

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